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Informationen & Beratungstermin

Wir freuen uns, dass Sie Interesse an der Sponsoring Akademie zeigen. Anbei erhalten Sie grundlegende Informationen zu unserem Angebot. Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren 10- bis 20-minütigen Beratungstermin zur erfolgreichen Strategieentwicklung für Ihr Projekt. Teilen Sie uns Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und Telefonnummer mit, damit wir Sie kontaktieren und besprechen können, wie wir Sie bestmöglich unterstützen können.

At the Office
  • Good to know ...
    Sponsoring has become an integral part of the national and international business world. Every year, over 4 billion euros are invested in sponsorship in Germany alone. Sponsoring is therefore an important pillar of the economic success of many projects. Whether you want to finance your own project through sponsorship or need to provide additional financial resources within an agency or association - excellent training is in any case the basis of your successful acquisition. Our training offers you an excellent, well-founded and practical introduction to professional sponsorship. Using tried-and-tested methods, you will learn how to professionally prepare your project to meet the needs of sponsors. In addition, with our 35 years of experience, we provide you with in-depth knowledge of acquisition strategies and techniques. This knowledge is particularly important when eliminating the luck factor. Our experienced speakers will tell you in detail how to successfully attract sponsors. At the end of your training, you will certainly have mastered the basic models for successful sponsorship. You navigate confidently through the resources available to you, prepare them accurately, supplement your project with necessary tools and confidently present your project to potential sponsors. You will learn what is important when activating sponsorship in order to build long-term partnerships and subsequently put acquisition on autopilot. With our strategy, door cleaning and time-consuming acquisition are a thing of the past. You will learn how to accurately select potential sponsors, approach them and speak to them on an equal footing. In the future, you and your sponsors will understand that they are actually exchanging monetary benefits and that no one is doing anyone else a favor. Professional sponsorship not only supports you in the realization/financing of your project. Properly organized and implemented, sponsorship creates synergies that go far beyond the project. With the right partners at your side, the competence and know-how in the system grows, so that something is created that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Our training is unique; the strategies have been refined over many years of testing in a wide range of areas and are constantly adapted to the latest technical possibilities.
  • Why training at the Sponsoring Academy
    Decades of professional practical experience in global event marketing distinguish us. You benefit from excellent expert knowledge, current know-how, insider insights and of course a global network of experts, brand owners and sponsors. Guest lecturers from the founder's extensive network offer additional, priceless insights into the corporate world of sponsorship in no particular order. With our hybrid model of self-study, guided implementation of the weekly lessons (adapted to your specific project) and subsequent live call in which the progress is presented and analyzed in the group - you can start actively recruiting after just a few weeks. We offer you the opportunity to learn online, regardless of time and location, so that you can also complete the training part-time. The close interconnection of studies, implementation, coaching and acquisition is unique and, in addition to a practical introduction to professional sponsorship, also offers you quick initial success. The founder Marko Manthey has 35 years of expertise in sports and event marketing. The training is based on the essence of his experiences. At the end and after successful examination you will receive the certification as “Sponsoring Manager SME”
  • Still and structure of training
    In our two online courses convey in 12 weeks the basics for professional sponsorship. This exciting journey is divided into as many lessons, each consisting of introductory videos that clarify the goal of the lesson. Additional videos not only convey essential specialist knowledge, but also provide examples and clear steps for each lesson. In addition to the videos, extensive supporting materials are available in the form of PDFs to deepen and apply what you have learned. Our coaches are always in Sponsoring Essential course at your side and offer you valuable feedback to the submitted tasks - usually within 48 hours. Participant of the Sponsoring Mastery course you have the unique chance to discuss and optimize your tasks in person online (Zoom) several times a week. So you go into the next lesson with individually tailored and professional material and have constant exchange with our experts.
  • Contents of the training in brief
    Week 1 Onboarding (introduction, mythbusting, inventory) Week 2 Substance Analysis (What is available, where do you want there) Week 3 Partner Analysis (Localization of potential sponsors) Week 4 Potential Analysis (Understanding what fits together) Week 5 prices and packages (combining packages, determining prices) Week 6 Presentation (Creating the basic presentation) Week 7 Leads & Cold Calls (acquisition strategy) Week 8 Roll Out (acquisition starts) Week 9 Feedback (Group exercises / expert feedback) Week 10 Contract Drafting (what should be considered - how detailed should be be one) Week 11 Implementation (releases, processes, cases) Week 12 Documentation (Sponsoring on Autopilot)
  • Who is the training aimed at?
    Our training to become a Sponsoring Manager SME is suitable for people who, for their own interest or for professional reasons, are interested in financing projects, events or clubs, etc. through cooperation with sponsors. It doesn’t matter what type of projects they are. Our training helps communities, museums, galleries, tennis or golf facilities, etc., agencies, clubs, social projects, events, or athletes who want or need to market themselves. Sponsoring managers SMEs with some professional experience are welcome experts who can assist those mentioned above as freelancers when their own staff is not available. It is therefore also suitable as a part-time entry into an exciting and lucrative business area.
  • Participation requirements
    Our training to become a Sponsoring Manager SME is suitable for adults who have completed vocational training as well as students who can invest 5-8 hours a week in their training. We require an interest in people, the topics of sales and marketing, openness and curiosity about processes. We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements and suitability together in a personal preliminary discussion. Make an appointment directly for this. Book your appointment now
  • Kosten der Ausbildung und Zahlungsmöglichkeiten
    Wir freuen uns sehr über Ihr Interesse an der Sponsoring-Akademie. Wir bieten mehr als nur theoretisches Wissen, unsere Lehrinhalte sind das Ergebnis jahrelanger Erfahrung und praktischer Erprobung. Unsere Preise orientieren sich am individuellen Zeitaufwand unserer Coaches, um mit ihnen maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für ihre Sponsoring-Strategie zu erarbeiten (ab 2.900 Euro) Wir sind fest davon überzeugt, dass unsere Kurse eine Investition in die Zukunft ist, und wir sind stolz darauf, Sie auf diesem Weg zu begleiten. Sollten Sie weitere Fragen oder Anliegen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht, sich an uns zu wenden.

Um Ihnen bestmöglich zu helfen, laden wir Sie herzlich ein, einen Beratungstermin mit uns zu vereinbaren. In diesem 10-20 minütigen Gespräch möchten wir mehr über Ihr Vorhaben erfahren und gemeinsam herausfinden, wie wir Sie optimal unterstützen können.

Der Termin findet telefonisch statt, daher bitten wir Sie, neben Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse auch Ihre Telefonnummer anzugeben. So können wir sicherstellen, dass wir Sie problemlos erreichen können.

Während des Gesprächs werden wir Ihre Erwartungen und aktuelle Situation besprechen. Basierend auf diesen Informationen werden wir gemeinsam prüfen, ob eine Zusammenarbeit für beide Seiten sinnvoll ist. Falls dies der Fall ist, werden wir einen weiteren Termin vereinbaren. Gemeinsam mit einem unserer Experten wird dann ihre individuelle Strategie erarbeitet. 

Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass wir Ihnen wertvolle Unterstützung bieten können und freuen uns darauf, Sie in einem persönlichen Gespräch kennenzulernen.

Vereinbaren Sie jetzt Ihren Beratungstermin und bringen Sie Ihr Projekt auf die Erfolgsspur!

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